Firebind Reflector is operating in demo mode. Some features have been disabled and scan rate has been limited. Please visit Firebind to request a free trial of Reflector.

League of Legends

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  • Ports: TCP 80,443,2099,5222,5223,8088,8393-8400 UDP 5000-5500
  • Protocol: League of Legends
  • Timeout: 8 seconds
  • TCP Result:
  • Scanning TCP Port:
  • TCP Open:
  • TCP Closed:
  • UDP Result:
  • Scanning UDP Port:
  • UDP Open:
  • UDP Closed:

Detailed Results

Note: Reflector must be able to listen (bind) on all ports being scanned. The scan may end prematurely if Reflector can't bind on these ports. To check for errors see the log page.